Foto: Basti Grim
Daniel Hoffmann
Director / Director of Photography based in Berlin
I have been working as a cameraman and filmmaker for over eight years. When I moved to Berlin in 2014 I co-founded the video production company ambitious.films and I was able to gain extensive experience in the production of music videos, web commercials and image films. Since 2018 I work as a freelancer.
In 2017 I graduated as Master of Arts in Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz . For my graduation work I produced the short film  „BOT“ which I wrote, directed and co-produced.

*Award of „medien.rlp - Institut für Medien und Pädagogik e.V“ - 35. video/filmtage, Mainz 2018 (BOT)
*2nd place „Best Cinematography“ - Berlin Music Video Awards 2016 (Lance Butters -Es zieht /Ich zieh)
*2nd place „Best Film“ - End of Days Film Festival, USA 2018 (BOT)
*Best Director - Short Film - International Film Festival of Srigangangar, Indien 2019 (BOT)
*Best Fiction Short - San Antonio Independent Films Festival, Ecuador 2019 (BOT)
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